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ParentingTouchv2A Harvard researcher defined Genius as the number of ways which one takes in information and is able to make use of that information. What they discovered was that 99% of all babies are born operating at a genius level. In the first 18 months of life we learn so much; our bodies are growing rapidly, our eyesight is perfecting, we learn to communicate without words, we learn to pick up things with our hands, we learn to crawl, to walk, to speak. There is no other time in our lives in which we learn so much so quickly.

By the time we are 5 years old, only 20% of us are operating at a genius capacity.

By the time we are 20 only 2% of us are still operating at a genius capacity.

What happens to us?

We distance ourselves from our genius self . This happens through the learned voice of internal judgment. We begin to doubt ourselves. We begin to question ourselves, we compare ourselves to others. We begin to look into other peoples’ eyes for for approval; for permission. We detach from what makes us us.

What if you could give your children the gift of knowing that they are enough, that what they say matters, that who they are is perfect, that they esteem themselves for who they are? You can shift the way you interact with them in such a way that you are less frustrated and it leaves them with a different experience of who they are. We have the program that is for you.

The beauty of the program is that it doesn’t tell you what to believe or what values you should have as a parent. Instead it gives you a principle to know if your parenting is empowering your child or disempowering you child.

I have been involved with personal development for over 20 years. I have looked deep inside myself, been mentored by and studied with some of the elite teachers in the industry breaking through my own limited beliefs about myself and have gone on to become a coach in my own right.

Processing through my own beliefs I was curious about where the belief came from in the first place. Why do most people in the world think they don’t know enough, have enough or are enough? Who would we be if we didn’t have these fears or limited beliefs? Why would I want to pass that down to my children if I knew there was a way to stop that cycle?

What a gift to know how to engage with the most important people in the world to you, your children, to empower them to be their unique selves and give their gift to the world.

This program is for youFind out more.