John Wienecke

John - BioSummary

John is a business consultant and personal coach, working specifically with individuals who are committed to generating a breakthrough in their results.  He understands what it takes to be a top performer, dealing with high stress situations and reaching limits in our ability to perform successfully.  He also works with individuals that want to break free of lifestyles that are no longer satisfying.  Transformation and breakthroughs are about change resulting in changes in mindset, skillsets, strategy and structures that enable success.  His overall objective for his clients is Thriving and Living with Ease.

John has been working, managing and developing people for over 30 years on a global basis.  The core of each individual is no different.  How that is expressed is shaped by their culture and environment.  John’s coaching background enables him to understand the nature of habitual behavior  that greatly restricts individual possibilities.   John has multiple coaching certifications;  Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Integral Master Coach (IMC) and he is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Prior to starting Dynamic Evolution in 2010, John was appointed Director for Citigroup, responsible for implementing global systems and working with and managing people on a global basis.  He worked from product inception, design, implementation and training through post implementation sustainability for over 28 years.  The majority of this work was associated with change; change the way people did their work, change in the technology, and breakthroughs in customer service and delivery.

John is a sports enthusiast with a special passion for tennis. He is a life long learner and studies adult development within the Integral Theory framework.  He lives outside of NYC with his wife and 3 children.

Theresa Wienecke



Theresa Wienecke is a dynamic teacher, speaker and personal coach.  Her talent is working with clients to shift their thoughts into what is truly possible for their lives and helps them remove the blocks in their thinking to create a life that is satisfying and meaningful, a life they love to live.  Working together will help you to gain clarity, identify what truly stands in your way and assist you in building confidence and a plan to get what you want.  The answers are all inside of you.

Life Mastery Institute Consultant

Professional Background

Theresa is a certified Life Mastery Institute Consultant, LifeSuccess Coach and LSPerfect Weight Coach.  She is also Managing Partner of Dynamic Evolution, LLC.  Her years of experience as an operations specialist for financial institutions, a mother at home and the partner for 25 years of a highly successful corporate executive give her a blended perspective of life/home integration.