Think and Grow ???

Get your mojo moving!

Year Flying By


Can you believe we are at the start of 2018?


Well, we are.   Are you where you thought you would be?  Have you made a list and checked off at least half?

I have so much more I would like to do in 2018 and I started thinking about my approach.  I needed some new mojo for some inspiration so I contemplated what I should do?

In dropped Think and Grow Rich.  You remember the classic we started with several years ago?  Yes, some of us studied this classic 2, 3,4  or maybe even 5 years ago.  I know I haven’t read it in 2 years.  Well, I picked it up and discovered some new ideas percolating.    


We are all different at this stage of our lives.  We have so much more to work with.  Would you like to join me for some brain flexing big talk?  Would you like to feel excited and empowered again?  Would you like to be accountable for completing 1 big goal you have over the next 5 weeks?


I have made this an easy YES for you.

Investment: $47.00


5 weeks to Think and Grow _______.

You fill in the blank.   Is it Rich, Happy, Healthy, Inspired, focused.  What is the 1 thing you would like to move towards over the next 6 weeks?

(5) 1 hour group conference calls

Tuesdays 7:30 – 8:30pm

February 6th – March 6th

Included:  Discussion, Q&A, Accountability coaching


(If you can’t locate your book, I can send you a download version.)

Yes, you read it right.  $47 to get your mojo moving again.



**Would you like to have your own small group of 4 working on a project together?Let me know what day and time works for you and we can arrange it.***

Why sign up for a group?

  • you are 90% more likely to keep your word to yourself.

Why $47?

  • You don’t get something for nothing.     See reason above.

Do I have to make each call?

  • No, it will be recorded.  You are actually more likely to achieve your goal if you do.


  • It’s the foundation of all personal development.

Who can join?

  • Invite any of your friends, family, colleagues.  Anyone who is up to something in their lives and needs a new perspective, ideas  or some support.

Investment: $47.00