Jeffrey G. Zorn

I was very successful by most people’s standards before I engaged John Wienecke as my “Life Coach.” I had what looked like a happy marriage, well adjusted kids, a lucrative career. I placed great value on self reliance, and was not only resistant to life coaching, but had been openly skeptical of the value it could hold for me.

After working with John for several months, I feel transformed in ways I could never have anticipated. A lifelong agnostic, I have been vocally critical of organized religion, and while not having the courage to fully reject the existence of God, I considered people of faith to be, at best, delusional, at worst, ignorant. I now not only have a path to understanding God, but also the ability to communicate with that part of me that is part of him.

I have rejected the fearful jokester, who used humor as a way to avoid being vulnerable, because that person no longer served me. I have reconnected with my wife in a deeper, more satisfying way. I have become a father to my children, instead of their comical friend. I am able to partner with my clients in a non-manipulative sincere way; where I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment; creating bonds that will last a lifetime; rather than feeling like an imposition on their lives.

Goals of my youth that had retreated to idle dreams have reemerged as not only possibilities, but as the expectation of my future experience. I have climbed Kilimanjaro with my fourteen year old son. This summer I will be hiking the Inca Trail in Peru from Cusco to the top of Machu Picchu with my entire family. I can’t wait to see these ancient ruins with my own eyes, but I am even more excited to see my eleven year old daughter’s expression when she sets foot on this hallowed ground! I am proud to have had the courage to follow my vision. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share these experiences with my wife and children. I know the leadership I have shown them will inspire them to richer fuller lives of their own!

I am no longer embarrassed to share publically that I will stand atop Mt. Everest, or that I am going to be a national leader in the field of life insurance sales; In fact I expect to do both.

I am no longer afraid to be myself. I am excited to create a life that inspires me. When I am old and I look back at the life I lived I will reminisce about the times I shared with the people I loved and know I shall have lived rather than having feigned happiness in a risk free existence.

I encourage anyone who harbors a secret childhood dream to dare to have the courage to give it life. I am grateful to John Wienecke who has helped me to reengage the man I truly am. I recommend him to you with absolute conviction.