Cecilia LoCicero

I have had the privilege of working with John as my coach for the past six months. I’m not sure my words can ever adequately describe the depth and value of the changes, growth and progress engaging in this program has afforded me.

The program begins with establishing a focus of development that is distinct to the individual. This is not a one size fits all approach. It is personally tailored through collaboration and trust.

The program has allowed me to develop new perspectives and awareness. It has increased my capacity to perform at every level….but the kicker is….this increase comes with less effort. When there is no struggle or resistance, life/tasks become much easier to accomplish. For the first time in my life, I know what freedom and inner peace feel like.

I entered the program with only myself in mind….but I can truly say it has changed not only myself….but everyone around me….for the better. My daughters’ relationship with myself and with each other is deeper and more supportive. I engage and dance with life rather than run from it. This confidence has allowed me to take my commodity trading to the next phase of development.

For anyone who knows they have the capacity to be more….this is for you! It will help you make that quantum leap forward. I will be forever grateful to John for guiding me through this process of growth and transformation. Blessings.