Personal Coaching Detail

Personalized Coaching

We enable people to achieve results beyond their current realities. We work with people that want to live powerfully and go beyond what they have been able to do on their own. We connect people with their passion for life, develop new capacities and enable perspectives that open possibilities and allow for achieving results with grace and ease that are more satisfying and enriching.
Our coaching approach is a unique process (Integral Coaching) that takes place between a coach and a client committed to reaching a topic, which is more than a goal that they can not reach due to the client’s current level of awareness and skills. The program is tailored specifically to the individual, allowing it to be more effective and efficient. It may be also viewed as a process that allows for the realization or uncovering capacities that already exist, lying dormant due to lack of understanding that they exist and how to access them. This learning goes beyond conceptual learning and enables embodiment, allowing performance in dynamic situations.

The process starts with a Discovery Session, where we collaborate with the client to begin developing the potential topic, understand the current challenges and desired outcomes of the coaching engagement.

If we agree to continue, then we begin the formal coaching process. Here we will develop a Detailed Offer that includes many aspects of the engagement, including the topic, it’s importance to the client, development objectives (capacities to be developed) and a way to begin looking at the topic is a new way. During the Offer Conversation, we will make adjustments that further personalize the coaching engagement. We will outline the expected duration of the coaching engagement and what is expected of the client to be successful in achieving the topic.

Typically we meet every 2 weeks for a coaching session, either face to face or over Skype, for 1 hour. Between each coaching session there will be certain exercises that are integrated into the client’s day to day activities that allow for the development of the new awareness and skills.

When the client achieves their topic, than the engagement is brought to a close with a completion meeting that recognize what has been accomplished and we align on how to move forward outside of the coaching engagement to continue the embodiment of the new capacities and moving forward in their topic.

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