The Happiness Advantage

in building your Shaklee business

8 week results booster

“Happiness finds success, not the other way around.” Shawn Achor

Use these 7 principles of Positive Psychology to;

  the Shaklee Effect,

🌱  your business

🙌  do your happy dance

8 Mondays

September 21st – November 16th (no meeting 10/12)

8:00 – 8:45 pm ET

Conference Call

Complete 100 Days to Amazing in a big way.

  • Do you start out strong 😁 and then slow down😪?
  • Do you need a different type of support to achieve your dreams?
  • Are you frustrated with your results and know you could do better yet not know what to change?
  • What if one simple change made all the difference?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions;

  • Come to the calls and find out about the powers within you that you are not using that can give you different results.
  • What if you could start where you are, with what you have and have a bigger result?

Join Theresa Wienecke, Life Mastery Consultant & DreamBuilder Coach to increase your effect in your life and the lives of others.

What you will receive;

  • 8 weekly 45 minute calls
  • Daily emails; keep you tuned in and tuned up
  • Help when you need it; call, text or email and I will answer.
  • Private Facebook Group page to keep us connected.
  • A different way of acting and being if you use the coaching.

Each week we will dive into 1 of the 7 secret ingredients that shifts your results from 😪 ————–> 😂

I have made this an easy YES! for you to get big results.

$47 for the 8 week Happiness Advantage results booster!  That’s < $6 per week !

  1. Register for the Happiness Advantage Booster: $47.00
  2. After Registering, if you do not have “The Happiness Advantage” Book or CD you will be given the link to order it through Amazon.