Dr. Ronni Zorn

Dear Theresa,

I want to thank you for both Think & Grow Rich and Dream Builders. I have attended, read, listened to, purchased etc. hundreds (yes hundreds) of motivational, inspirational, self-help, self-growth seminars/workshops/programs over the past 25 years. I always learn something from all of them. However, it is easy to let life interfere with follow through and continuing to apply the newly acquired knowledge. The continued week to week gatherings along with the “self-discovery/life journey exercises” (as you know I don’t consider them homework) help to keep the focus on self-exploration, discovery and growth. It also instills accountability both to myself and the group.

I didn’t have any huge revelations during Think & Grow Rich, I did gain some personal insight and regain some discipline in follow through. However, it was a great start to the excavation of my unconscious, but self-inflicted obstacles. Dream Builders has given me the opportunity to continue this exploration into my buried thoughts and my unconscious, conditioned thinking and barriers. I have had several mini-revelations, a big aha moment and a major light bulb moment. It is worth much more than the money I invested. The insight I have gained into my mind and soul, have been pivotal. These discoveries will allow me to achieve many of the goals I have either been afraid to attain, sabotaged or started and got stuck or derailed.

We all spend weeks or months planning vacations, choosing the perfect paint color, shopping for that knock out outfit, putting the right creams and lotions on our face and skin; but how many of us invest time in to planning our lives? Writing goals and actions steps is a wonderful start. However, if you are not getting where you want to it is either your game plan or your thoughts that are getting in the way. If it is the game plan, this is an easy fix, reevaluate and revise your plan. If it is your thoughts, such as doubt, fear, negative self-talk, letting others’ words derail you, than this requires work…on yourself. It means allowing yourself to delve into your deepest thoughts, inner secrets and possibly fears. It is not an over night process. I know I will continue my journey of self-discovery and growth, long after the class ends. I have had enough time to incorporate this as a lifelong activity now. I will likely go through Dream Builders on my own from the beginning once the class ends, just to see the shifts I have made in thought and behavior.

While some may view taking the time to learn about your thoughts, having breakthroughs and living the life you want, as self-indulgent or even selfish, it is the most self-full and giving thing you can do for yourself and everyone in your life. When one is living their dreams and at peace with themselves they can be more loving and caring to those around them.

Thanks for working with me so I could get past my financial obstacles to pursuing this program. It was an exceptionally worthwhile investment. Thanks for being accessible for questions and support between classes; and for sharing your personal stories and insight.